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numerical exploration in title

Space Exploration Images taken from illustrations made by or for NASA.
Size: 2.61MB
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sims symbian game nokia my space ed2k metallica file  
3D Exploration Explorer-like 3D and 2D graphics viewer .
Size: 710K
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3D viewer graphics viewer 2D graphic viewer  
Biomolecular Exploration Gives scientists and students interactive access to the molecular world of Bioproteins. Biomolecular Explorer lets you explore various molecules that are saved as PDB (Protein Data Bank) files in an i
Size: 2,530K
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explore genomic data protein data conversion  
Kuramoto Exploration Explore dynamics using the Kuramoto mode
Size: 1 KB
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explorer dynamics  
Internet Exploration Give a new look to your Firefox
Size: 302 KB
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Theme Browser firefox Change Theme firefox theme give  
Space Exploration 2 Screensaver Astronomical free space screensaver.
Size: 6.63MB
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Bubble Screensaver recover space google goggles for  

numerical exploration in tags

Parametric A utility for the study of forced oscillations of the modified Duffing pendulum
Size: 4 MB
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oscillation Pendulum Simulator Simulate Pendulum Pendulum  
SuanShu A Java numerical library of numerical methods and for numerical analysis
Size: 4.4 MB
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Library Java library Java numerical integration  
dnAnalytics Numerical Library The dnAnalytics Numerical Library is a free numerical library for the .NET Framework
Size: 2.9 MB
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Library numerical integration numerical cumulant numerical  
nav-graph A tool for graphic exploration.
Size: 226 KB
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explore explorer scientific exploration  
IGV Create and edit graphs with ease
Size: 12.9 MB
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viewer visualization view graphic visualizer graph  
AMPLE A morphological parser for linguistic exploration
Size: 113 KB
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language parser morphology scientific exploration  

numerical exploration in description

Parametric Parametric was developed as an accessible and useful application that allows numerical exploration of the phase space (x,dx/dt). This exploration is made more convenient with the use of the mouse and ...
Size: 4 MB
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oscillation Pendulum Simulator Simulate Pendulum Pendulum  
Numerical Systems Converter Portable With numerical Systems Converter application you can enter a numerical system and know instantly the conversions to others numerical systems. Numerical systems enabled: decimal, binary, octal and hexa...
Size: 383.64K
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Parametric for Linux Here is the official description for Parametric for Linux: Parametric is an utility for the study of forced oscillations of the modified Duffing pendulum : This program allows an numerical exploration...
Size: 2.33MB
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linux 2004 linux r-linux 1.0 dvd player for swf to word  
GLIEP also known as Glyph-based Link exploration of Pathways was created as an Open Source plugin for the VANTED application. GLIEP was created to help guide the exploration and navigation process of interc...
Size: 101 KB
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plugin explore Pathway  
CESCNC CESCNC is a numerical conversion tool that you can use to perform conversion from one numerical system to another. The application supports Roman, Attic Greek, Chinese Rod, Babylonian cuneiform, Egypt...
Size: 1.5 MB
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convert number numerical conversion Numerical Converter  
Fluid Source Code Editor Fluid Source Code Editor is an editor extension for the Eclipse integrated development environment designed to support the fluid exploration of java source code. Fluid source code exploration is carri...
Size: 9.8 MB
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explore browse Eclipse plugin java plugin